Last Call 歌詞 Logic

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專輯: YSIV
演唱: Logic

《Last Call》歌詞:
Produced:IZAÏAH / 6ix

Ayo real talk 6ix
As soon as you played me this joint I already knew
I was like “Yo this some f**king ‘Last Call’ sh*t”
And it got me hella excited ’cause I always wanted to do like
A “Last Call” I remember the first time I heard Kanye’s
I thought that sh*t was so tight dawg
And I was like man I’m tryna tell my story you know what I’m sayin’
And then uh I remember Cole did it when did he do it
He was on Friday Night—
Nah nah he did it on The Warm Up yo
When he did the “Last Call” on The Warm Up I was like “Damn I’m tryna do mine”
So since this joint got that vibe I’ma do my own “Last Call” right now for y’all
And my voice is messed up too this is the last track of Young Sinatra
Back in the day I wasn’t sh*t homie
Penny pinching I couldn’t even pay the rent homie
Thinkin’ ’bout it I’m wondering where the years went homie
Just a youngin’ tryna survive they was hatin’ on me
I was working that nine-to-five I was waitin’ homie
I was bussin’ tables fantasizin’ ’bout cakin’ homie
Letting ’em slip away my dreams wasn’t waitin’ on me
This for anyone with ambition calling anybody that’ll listen
I’m wishing all your dreams come true ’cause mine did
And yeah you know I had to put that in the rhyme kit
But that sh*t came from sacrifice
Not on the corner selling drugs and smackin’ dice listen
Someway somehow I understood finally
If you want to come and get it you know where to find me
‘Cause I ain’t got no time for anybody that be tryin’ me
Know if they don’t understand I’ma leave ’em behind me
I ain’t got no time no no
I said obviously
I said I don’t got no time no no no
I treat the beat like it’s my only son my DNA
And this that southern playalistic sh*t like we was in the A
Back in the day I was Young Broke & Infamous
A Young Sinatra that was Undeniable
Who Welcome-d you To Forever while Under Pressure
And told you The Incredible True Story of Bobby Tarantino
And Everybody in the Ultra 85
Goddamn it feel good to be alive
And all these b**ches that I passed up
Couldn’t f**k witcha ’cause your hair was too gassed up
‘Member creeping with the gat masked up
Goddamn it’s kinda crazy to reminisce on all this sh*t man
What it was like growing up
Damn man just motherf**kers running in and out of the crib
Doing drugs selling drugs all types of stuff
Meanwhile I was just tryna keep it together
I was tryna make sense—sense of all this sh*t around me
I didn’t know how to take it how to perceive it you know what I mean
And then meanwhile I’m supposed to be going to school and getting good grades and sh*t
But I’m seeing like domestic violence in my house
And just so much going on
And I’m sure everybody was probably like “Damn yo”
“Why little Bobby didn’t come to school today”
On the real I was doin’ anything to run away
And that’s the same reason kids join gangs every day
‘Cause they wanna be accepted but at home they too neglected
Meanwhile white America quick to call him a thug
But all he ever wanted was a father to give him some love
Tell him that he love him that he need him
Promise he won’t ever leave him
Never smoke crack never lie and won’t never beat him
It feel like for my life I been needed a break
Looking at my family I ain’t wanna make the same mistake
And I know that sh*t sound f**ked up but they not all doin’ great
Oh God please

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